Our clinic is focused on providing the highest quality care to help you return to your full level of activity. Our goal is to enhance your functional ability (function in every day life), prevent further injury and improve your quality of life. Being a division of OSSM allows your rehab team have a close, ongoing communication with your doctor or surgeon. If there is ever a question or concern your therapist can get the information they need to care for you in a timely efficient manner.

Our team of professionals is here to expertly guide you through recovery from bone or joint surgery or injury using state of the art rehabilitation principles and facilities. We design a unique rehabilitation program for every patient.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) physical therapists bring a unique level of world class experience to our patients. One OPTI physical therapist worked with Division I PAC 12 collegiate athletes at WSU; another with England’s Manchester United soccer club; and a third with the Los Angeles Dodgers as well as the World Series winning Anaheim Angels in 2002. These therapist’s unique expertise is shared with all the therapists at OPTI through regular educational sessions. This allows all of our therapists at OPTI to utilize this expertise in the care they deliver. At OPTI we want to ensure that no matter which therapist a patient is working with, they are receiving the highest quality orthopedic rehabilitation. Our objective is to help you get back to your normal activities and sport as quickly and efficiently as possible.



After surgery by our fellowship trained providers at OSSM, you will be given directions on how to rehabilitate and recover. The friendly staff at OSSM will refer our physical therapy clinic OPTI.

Time to Rehab

After your surgery you will need time to heal and one way to encourage your natural recovery is to strengthen and exercise with our dedicated physical therapy team right here at OPTI.


If you had an unplanned injury, immediate care is important. Our orthopedic urgent care is ready for any of your minor sprains, strains and fractures. You will always be seen by one of our providers.


We are a physical therapy and rehabilitation division of OSSM, so our rehab team members have close, ongoing communication with your doctor or surgeon.