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Procedures & Specialties

Our therapists are experienced and specially trained to treat a wide variety of orthopedic injuries. We offer comprehensive care of many neurological and musculoskeletal conditions including:

Our Purpose

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute (OPTI) exists to provide high quality orthopedic rehabilitation for your musculoskeletal condition. Our team of rehabilitation experts will guide you through your recovery from injury or surgery using state of the art rehabilitation principles and facilities.

Defy Gravity. Defy Limits.

With AlterG®, patients, seniors, and athletes can defy the forces of gravity and push their boundaries to recover sooner, improve physical function, and enhance performance like never before.

Move Better. Recover Faster.

Leading the way in Anti-Gravity Treadmill technology since 2005, AlterG® uses patented Differential Air Pressure technology to gently and precisely reduce gravitational forces on your patients, allowing them to move without pain or interference to natural gait mechanics. Found in over 4000 facilities worldwide, AlterG has helped millions of people to shorten orthopedic recovery times, manage neurological conditions and chronic disease, build strength and endurance while aging, and increase athletic performance.

Meet Our Therapists

Jennifer McManus
Derrick-Webb, PT-, DPT

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