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We are the physical therapy and rehabilitation division of Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine. At Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute, we are dedicated to providing exceptional, compassionate, friendly and effective rehabilitation of your musculoskeletal condition. Our team of professionals is here to expertly guide you through the often-difficult process of recovery from bone or joint surgery or injury using state of the art equipment and proven rehabilitation methods. We coordinate, communicate and design a unique rehabilitation program specifically for you in our spacious, comfortable,modern facility.

At Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute(OPTI ), we understand the impact that immobility, joint pain, musculoskeletal injury or reconstructive surgery has on your life, job, family and day to day activities. Our objective is to help you get back to your normal activities as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Foot and Ankle

Foot and ankle fractures, Ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel spurs, Bunion correction, Hammer toe correction, Bone spurs.
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Neck and Back

Low Back Pain, Disc Injury, Lumbar sprains and strains, Postural problems including kyphosis and scoliosis, Sciatica, Neck sprains, Thoracic pain. Read More

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist

Rotator cuff injuries, Biceps tendonitis, Shoulder bursitis, AC joint sprains, Frozen Shoulder, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Tennis elbow, Wrist sprains. Read More

Pelvic, Hip, Knee

Osteoarthritis of the hip, Total Hip Replacement, Piriformis syndrome, ACL reconstruction, Patella Femoral Syndrome, Ligament injuries.
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  • Prednisone can be a drug that saves life. https://prednisoned.com/ saved my sanity when I developed a sudden loss of hearing on one ear. It was a very terrible experience for those who depend on hearing to be able to make live radio.
    Thank you for giving me strength and more flexibility in my knee to be able to continue to work, and help with arthritis. Staff was helpful and pleasant and made it flexibile for my lifestyle. I will definitely refer this facility.
    A.P, Patient
  • I am completely mobile and functionable in all knee related activities.
    J. W, Patient
  • This has been the third time that I have come here for physical therapy. Each time my therapist has been professional, kind and caring. I recommend OPTI to my relatives and friends.
    J. F, Patient
  • I just wanted to say that I had little doubt when I first got here but I love it here. They make you fel very welcome here like at home. They are amazing here. They worked very hard to make me reach my goal. Thank you very much.
    L. W, Patient
  • I can now use my arm fully and pain free with no restrictions. I have fully reached my flexibility and am 100% better than before.
    J. N, Patient
  • Everyone makes me feel very welcome, talking to me, Hello, how are you.  That’s very warm and friendly.  They took care of my wrist from Day 1 to the end.  Thanks so much.
    B. B, Patient
  • My therapist went the extra mile to figure out and treat; my knee treatment options were great.  Excellent experience!
    R. A, Patient
  • It was a wonderful experience working with people who care.
    B. C, Patient
  • All of the staff was always pleasant and professional.  Gave good advice and suggestions.
    B. V, Patient
  • I was initially going to choose a PT department close to my home.  My doctor said I could go anywhere but his PT department was familiar with him and vice versa.  After waiting to find the perfect surgeon, I was not about to cut corners with PT.  The entire staff are awesome and I would not go anywhere else.
    S. H, Patient
  • The people here are so friendly and so much help.  I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for PT.  All whom I worked with was an amazing experience.  Thank you guys!
    P. W, Patient